David Sedaris's Essay: Obama !

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Analytical essay

2008 was the year, where the first black president, was elected in the United States of America. The essay Obama!!! tells us about, how foreigners often have a lagging understanding of the American political system, and the American people. Another big topic is, how Americans have screwed priorities.

The essay is written by David Sedaris, who is an American homosexual that happens to, be a comedian. This is very easy to tell, as he leaves in several jokes that really enhances the reading experience, in a funny way. Obama!!! was released in the essay collection Let 's Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris, and was one of the collections biggest hits.

The main theme, that the essay features is how bias Americans and Europeans can be, when it comes to describing each other. A topic most Europeans and Americans should be able to relate, to in one way or another, as we all have some prejudices. However, David Sedaris has the ability to be rather neutral, when discussing this exact topic because he is an American who lives in France.

At the general election in 2008 Sedaris European friends, and acquaintances had come to him, and asked him for who he thought would win the election, and become the new president of the United States, because he was American. None of them took him
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This is generally not a good idea when you are trying to argue and trying to make a point. However, in this essay, David Sedaris manages to pull it off. The reason that is possible to do in such an untraditional way is that the point he is trying to make can be turned in so many different directions that no one would want to argue against it as we all can agree that self-proclaimed experts are assholes. Another thing that makes it work is the humor in the essay. If it would have been without it the essay would have been hard to get
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