Let's Move Club Analysis

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During my senior year I decided be more active in the Let 's Move Club at school. I was already managing the volleyball team but I wanted to challenge myself and run for an officer position. I ended up getting the social media correspondent position but it turned out to be far more demanding than I could ever imagine. The first day on the job I was told that I was going to assist one of the co-president 's of the club in planning the annual basketball tournament. Being the perfectionist that I am, I got to work immediately. I made lists of ideas, called the Miami Heat to see if they could help out, and had a clear vision of what the tournament should be like. After a couple of weeks, our club advisor saw that I was doing the majority of the work and decided that it should just be my project. When I got this news it was full speed ahead; I was determined to plan the best…show more content…
As the weeks go by I get the little things done but with no help from the club. Our members do not attend the meetings, my fellow officers do not reply to text messages, and I am left with our advisor to help me get things done. Right now it is a few days before the tournament and I have come to the realization that if I want to have an amazing event I am going to have to find ways outside the club to get anything done. This experience taught me so much in so little amount of time. I realize that not everything will work out the way I want it to all of the time but that does not mean I have failed. I learned how to not rely on other people and how to get things done when it matters most. The last thing I learned is more effort equals better results. These realizations will all help me as I journey from high school into college and eventually into adulthood. Working toward my goal of opening my own orthopedic doctor’s office, I will be constantly be facing challenges like the ones I am facing right now. It will be difficult but having experiences like these will help it be as smooth as
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