Sarah J. Mason: Character Analysis

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Sarah J. Mason is a British author from Bishop’s Stortford in England. She was born in 1949 to a former naval officer and schoolteacher Jack and Margaret Mason an ex naval officer. Growing up as a child, Mason loved Agatha Christie mysteries and asserted that her plotting was among some of the best she ever read. Before she became a professional novelist, Mason worked as office manager, temporary secretary, information officer and librarian, and library assistant. As an adult, she would move on to read the likes of Edmund Crispin’s The Moving Toyshop, which convinced her that she could write something similar. Reading the Moving Toyshop novels showed her that entertaining readers was more about alluding to shared experiences even if there was no direct relevance to the plot. Her light bulb moment soon led her to her first idea of a novel that culminated in her debut novel Lets Talk of Wills. The novel was some type of whimsy novel written for entertainment that made mention of many of Shakespeare’s characters without making them fundamental to the overall narrative. However, the novel received…show more content…
He knows all there is to know about crime in small English villages, but even with his wealth of experience, he needs some help. Teaming up with Stone, he solves a complicated murder mystery in a small village in Kent County England. The Phoenix Group has just taken over the lodge of a long disused manor home where they intend to set up a camp where its members can try out a live off the land philosophy. But when a member of the group is killed with a lump of bread dough while making bread, the team and the local police detectives are left bewildered. For detective Stone and his partner Trewley who between them have a judo black belt a scientific mind and wealth of experience, cracking the case is not an
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