Letter From Birmingham Jail By Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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There is but one race, and that is the human race.” In 500 words or less define what this quote means, describe how it epitomizes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s vision, and explain how you personally incorporate these ideals into your everyday life.” “There is but one race, and that is the human race” This implies that all people should be treated the same no matter what color you are. King didn’t believe that humans were classified into groups based on physical traits, social groups, genetics etc. His vision shows that he wanted all of us to feel like we mattered. These ideas are incorporated into our daily lives because we connect in many ways with people. We tend to go through some of the same experiences in life. In order for MLK to get his message of hope and desire for racial justice, he wrote a famous essay called the “The Letter from Birmingham Jail”. This letter was written April 16, 1983 implied to several white clergymen. This open letter was criticizing the actions of Dr. King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference during the protest in Birmingham, Dr. King tells the clergymen that he was upset about their criticisms. The quote epitomizes King’s vision because, it symbolizes on how he influenced so many people. Many people may think that King only represented African American …show more content…

King defines that those who uphold human dignity, and unjust laws are those who degrade human personality. Unjust laws hurt not only the oppressed but also the oppressors, since they are given a false sense of superiority. Segregation was also a big factor that was considered an unjust law. It is a law that a majority forces the minority to follow while exempting itself from it. This is a law worth breaking to show that King’s ideas had a purpose behind it. It shows that people have traits that are similar to one another. That we are all in fact, one

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