Letter From Birmingham Jail Thesis

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Have you ever been punished so harshly to the point where it makes you rethink what life is really about? Or even question the law as well as the people in the world about their point of view on society? In the story “Letter From Birmingham Jail”, Martin Luther King Jr. criticizes the law & society by enlightening his audience with his letter from jail on how he as well as others was placed in jail due to his nonviolent protest on racism. His brief descriptions on his experience allows his intended readers African Americans, whites, as well as the press to understand the hardships in order to gain the right to freedom. Mr. King specifically indicates the understanding of African Americans, right/reason for equality, and the necessities for acceptance.…show more content…
King was the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which was located and enforced in every state in the South. This was an organization for African American civil rights. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” (Page 204) King establishes that when the world opens their eyes into reality and realizes the inequality, there will be a greater problem than before. An increase in protestors, means the greater retaliation will be against the law and when there’s retaliation against the law, then people with justice are afraid. The protestors created workshops in order to help them understand the concept of a nonviolent protest. “Are you able to accept blows without retaliating?” “Are you able to endure the ordeal of jail?” (Page 205) In order for them to have a peaceful protest, they must understand the fact that they will receive a new first name called “Nigger”, but would have to be as strong as possible
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