Letter From Victor Frankenstein

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Letter 1: The first letter, written on December 11 in st. Petersburg, Russia is from Robert Walton to his sister Mrs. Saville in England. Walton is on an expedition trying to find a passage through the Arctic Ocean to the North Pacific Ocean passing by the seas of the north pole. He tells his sister that if he succeeds he will not return in months or years but if he fails he will either come home pretty quickly or maybe never come back.
Letter 2: Now that he has reached Archangel in March, he is worried that he has no friend on the trip. Writing letters to his sister eases the loneliness somewhat, but he desires friendship.
Letter 3: on July 7th he writes his third letter so his sister. Walton’s ship is finally starting to make it’s way through the ice fields. Like he said in his last letter, if he would succeed, his expedition will last longer than expected and right now, he tells his sister that he’s on the right track.
Letter 4: The fourth and last letter is written through the month of August. They see a man passing to within one-half a mile of their ice bound ship. The next morning on August 1, the crew finds another man floating on ice close to their ship. The survivor is Victor Frankenstein.
Chapter 1: The story is now focused on Victor Frankenstein who becomes the main character. It starts just before Victor’s birth. Mr. Beaufort, Victor’s father, moves from Geneva to Lucerne due to povrety. They then move to Italy and Victor Frankenstein is now born. Five years
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