Letter Of Acceptance Into AVID: Case Study

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College degrees, a good education, and nice jobs are all things that people generally strive for. In May, Gaby Marin finally got the letter that she had been waiting for. The letter of acceptance into AVID. Many people were involved in helping Gaby realize her love for education, and encouraging her to do her best in school. Many of her teachers from Garrison Middle School were vital to this process. Gaby said that she felt relieved and very happy when she found out she had made it. She had put lots of effort into getting excellent grades and having a spotless record. Gaby said that if she had not been accepted, she probably wouldn’t believe in herself as much or put effort into her schoolwork. This has changed her as a person. She believes that she has potential in life.…show more content…
If she hadn’t, she most likely wouldn’t have had the chance to get into a good college. If anyone was put into the same position as Gaby, she would tell them that they can make it and have a lot of potential in life, but only if they put hard work and effort into getting a good education. Teachers are one of the biggest keys to education also. Gaby said that they helped her be who she is now and helped her to be who she is today. You might not always like them, but usually, they wouldn’t have been hired if they didn’t know how to teach. Gaby wants to do AVID during high school. She wants to get a scholarship from it as well. Gaby also wants to have a better reputation and life than her parents. She wants to graduate college and get a good job and have potential in her
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