Letter To A Mother's Funeral Discussion Questions

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What would you do if a parent, a friend, spouse, child – anyone you truly love – died? I’m assuming, sense you loved them, that you would be sad. You might cry, maybe be in remorse wondering if it was your fault, or maybe you would be emotionless; lost, without words to even express… anything. Regardless of what you’re feeling, I know for a fact that you would go to their funeral. Why would you go though? To see them one last time; maybe to simply pay respects to the family. Though, the reason you are there is not exactly paramount. What is thought is that you are there. Consequently, this begs a question. What would you do if someone wouldn’t let you go to the funeral? Now, I do not mean something like; Uncle Bill doesn’t want you to come because he blames you, or he thinks it will be “too…show more content…
Again the answer would be yes. Why, you may be asking. For literally the same reason; Garp wanted to go to his mother’s funeral and the feminists wouldn’t let him. So what did he do? He dressed up as a woman to get in. Also, did his attendance help him in his mourning over his mother’s death? The answer to this is not so clear cut. It is a bit of both. In going to the funeral Garp was able to understand how much the women around his mother really cared about her, but at the same time he was not there for long because the women realized he was a man. To which the responded with great hostility. So he did get some comfort, but not much. Most importantly though, what did Garp learn? Besides learning about how much the women loved his mother, really loved her; he also realized what it was like to be a woman, not just physically, but also psychologically. He has two very sexist encounters in the span of two hours, or so. This due to his drag that he was forced to wear to attend the funeral. Through the encounters he finally understands what these women go through and why they resent men so
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