Letter To Alexander Hamilton Analysis

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Brittany Morrison H340- Professor Cappello October 30, 2017 Letter to James Duane Alexander Hamilton September 03, 1780 The American Constitution is a vital segment of the United States’ foundation-- it was the premise of a unique government that did not exist before its time. Although, prior to the Constitution The Founding Fathers of the United States sought to establish a government that would not exploit the American people the way the British government had done so. With considerable fear of corruption, standing armies and lack of representation the Articles of Confederation was enacted. At the outset, the A.O.C had achieved exactly what it was written to do-- supply the governed people with the power over the government. In the near…show more content…
His argument is noticeably confident and certain about his opinions on what predicaments the United States is facing due to the A.O.C. He maintains a consistent tone throughout the letter standing by his stated objections although in conclusion Hamilton does appear to ‘apologize’ for his intense mannerism and continues on to say, “You will perceive, my dear sir, this letter is hastily written and with a confidential freedom; not as to a member of Congress whose feelings may be sore at the prevailing clamors, but as to a friend who is in a situation to remedy public disorders.”The letter positions clear justifications on why the A.O.C is defected and what steps need to be taken in order the remedy the problem. Hamilton organizes it in a way that identifies each drawback of the A.O.C and he assess it-- so that he is providing factual evidence to support his disputes with the system of…show more content…
In the coming years, severe economic difficulties, foreign problems, state sovereignty, limited central government and rebellions urge the United States to construct a new government. Important figures such as Alexander Hamilton himself, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, James Madison and many others worked towards forming and instituting a new and more sustainable system of government. Ultimately the Constitution was created-- which divided the United States government into three equal branches that worked in an equal system of checks and balances. Considering the failure of the A.O.C it was in part the foundation the Constitution-- it gave the Founding Fathers a clear guideline for what not to do. The Constitution provided the legitimacy and power the federal government desperately needed while also allowing the citizens of the United States to have a significant role in how they are
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