Letter To Chavez's Objection Letter

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Chavez, I cannot stress enough the emphasis on the objection letter from Cook County DA! Please, I need you to depict a different image of me or minimize its severity than originally portrayed by the DA. If we can counter attack the DA’s letter, most likely they will run out of ammo to attack us next time. The following emphasizes I need you to work on (just my recommendation, I am certain you have your strategy): • Minimize immigration/deportation since the DA claimed it is a federal concern but not the state • Primarily reason to seek pardon is to leave criminal life behind and move forward without any conscience 2. A license to freely practice mental health 3. A felony prohibits ex-felon from seeking a professional health license 4.…show more content…
As you can see from the objection letter, I need you to describe everything opposite, diminish its harshness and give the DA nothing to onslaught me as they have done prior—attack that objection letter Counsel, please! ***I remember I did gave a statement that says I participated in the burglaries, but that was the cops sweet talked me with cigarettes and phone calls after a 4 hours ride (Cairo, Illinois to Cook & Kankakee Counties). I was naïve and thoughts that if I give what they want to hear, they would drop the charges. Needless to say, I DID NOT enter the residences but was only served as a lookout while Ryan & the third guy pull the heists*** The prior petition I did not know the need to include another arrest that is not in the state of Illinois. Here you have it:  Many arrest between ages of 13-17 (truancy, smoking, alcohol, runaway [things that kid
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