Letter To Eva Smith In J. B. Priestley's An Inspector

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I have sent you this letter to tell about the situation as it stands with Inspector Goole. If I knew about her issue I would have happily helped giving charity money for her to live a happy life with her child. Eva Smith was a kind girl and If you thought that I knew that she was having a difficult time in life and that’s why I fired her from her job, I did not. Your brother did not tell me. My point of view is that I could've helped her, but there was something within me that told me that she didn’t deserve our help.

I did not know that Eva needed help because Eric did not tell me what was happening and neither did Eva told me. The big mistake of Eva Smith, is that she told me at the end of that time after she got fired. As you know that
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As you know Sheila me and your father other way we should not have the duty to look after her it was your brother's duty. I know you felt guilty in the interview with the inspector but we never had any responsibilities of Eva Smiths death.

I have sent this letter to you because you do not have any idea of how we were sad to let you feel guilty. So a better solution is to just forget everything that happened because it is just something that happens in life that you will forget. I sent this letter to you just to forgive you of what happened and forget this because no one had responsibilities on Eva, it was all your brother that needed to help her. Finally I think you just need to be positive and live a good life with your husband and forget it because it is not a big deal in the coming future.

In the end I hope you see what I am trying to tell you because I really care about you. Everyone makes mistakes and I hope your brother knew what he did so he can learn a big lesson of his actions. Me as a mother I am really sorry that you have been through all this because I knew you felt really guilty and that why I sent you this letter to understand what

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