Letter To Fahrenheit 451

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Dear, Zak

Thanks for writing back, I as well have been enjoying this so far. So lately I have been reading this book called “Fahrenheit 451”. I 've been very into this book. In soccer I play the forward position and I run the 800 meters for my track team. I also made both varsity teams my freshman and sophomore year. All the information that you gave me about how to get into college will be very helpful. I will take all the information into consideration. As a sophomore I 'm taking an AP class, and all my grades are above a “B” Most of them are “A’s” . My goal for after high school is to get into any good university. I want to major in criminal minds and psychology, also get a associate 's degree. I want to become a police officer. I don 't really have a dream school, but I would really be happy if I got accepted to a university like OSU or PSU. After college I would love to be working in the police department and slowly move up to becoming something bigger. Ok, now on to the
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So I 've read all the way to chapter 7. I like how you mentioned in the letter how this book isn 't quite as usual as book nowadays. There really doesn 't seem to be a bad guy or good guy. In the story we have Okonkwo, who is scared of failure. He wants to avoid growing up and being like his father. He was very successful and famous for his westling. His father Unoka was not as successful. Some can even say that he was the total opposite of Okonkwo. In the book both Unoka and Okonkwo are described really different. I believe that even though Unoka was not as successful as Okonkwo, he is still his dad and Okonkwo shouldn 't be ashamed. AT the end of the day it 's his father and he should always have love

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