Letter To Her Husband Absent Upon Public Employment By Anne Bradstreet Analysis

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In “A letter to Her Husband, Absent upon Public Employment” by Anne Bradstreet, she professes her undying love for her spouse. Bradstreet was born in a Puritan family. A religious movement, in which women were considered inferior to men. They were not supposed to speak up their minds or express their feelings in public. However, Bradstreet’s love for her husband was so strong and fervent that she had to put it in writing. Through this poem the readers can see that it is possible to be true to what you believe without loosing yourself. The fact that she loved her husband with all her heart did not make her any less of a Puritan and in fact made her a greater writer. As an exemplar Puritan Bradstreet was expected to assume her role as a mother, wife, and housekeeper, which she did with astonishing devotion. Furthermore, she found the time to write magnificent poetry. Bradstreet’s writings are a window into her life. This letter portrays her husband as the center of her life and her inspiration, which becomes palpable at the beginning when she states: “My head, my heart, mine eyes, my life, nay, more,” (1). Bradstreet uses her poetry to communicate with him, and in this particular poem, which she wrote, while he was working away from home, she tells him how much she misses him when he is not around. For her, the issue it is not that she has to take care of all the responsibilities in the house while he is not present, rather than the loneliness she feels not having him by
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