Letter To John Smith Research Paper

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Dear Zeina, Charlie, Katie, Paula, Su Young, and Kelly, I hope that all of you are well, and settling into your courses with ease. Autumn is my favorite season, so I am happy that it is finally here, but my allergies are definitely not in agreement. Luckily I have mountains of reading and writing to keep me indoors for the next couple of months. Was that sentence too sarcastic? Reading about early American Literature has been a reprieve from reading Educational Standards and policies. I particularly enjoyed seeing well-known historical figures and events depicted through the Human record and the visual representation on the virtual fieldtrip. Hopefully you all found the material engaging as well. My newly learned insight from the…show more content…
Every revision would likely make them seem more prestigious that the previous. It is fortunate and advantageous to history that Smith kept a record of his traveling and interactions, but it is hard for me to overlook that fact that he was a writer, and likely exaggerated his tales more than a little in order to make them more interesting. In the introduction to John Smith it states, “John Smith repeated the story (of him meeting Pocahontas) several times…, overtime embellishing his account” (Cain, 56). Even the way that Smith’s contribution to American literature is described in Cain’s Introduction to “Exploration and Colonization” suggests that Smith’s legacy is larger-than-life, and reads more like an introduction to a fictional literary character. Cain writes, “Smith writes of his adventures with the often unruly Jamestown colonists as well as the powerful Powatan confederacy” (4). To me this reads more like a teaser trailer for a new colonial sitcom. No doubt, Smith’s ability to tell a story with writing has secured his place in the history of America and her
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