Letter To Lenina Analysis

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I wrote a letter where I express the silly, difficult, crazy, and romantic love that John feels for Lenina, the aim is to demonstrate that love is not always the most important thing because you need to think first in your wellness. In the story John meets Lenina when she goes to Malpais with Bernard. After this trip, Lenina felt sexually attracted by John, but he got in love with her. This led to a dramatic story where many factors are involved, such as love, deception, lack of moral and death.
It is important to comprehend the relationship that the characters have with each other. My letter contains a mixture of tones that are clear, optimistic and pessimistic. Additionally, this letter is directed to a teenager’s audience because teaches them that love is not everything in life and that you can survive without it.
I wrote it in first person point of view and used common informal language with expressions like "What a small world" and "Come on”. To make it more spontaneous I use friendly vocabulary like happy and yearn.
This letter can be related with social relationships due to it demonstrates the most common struggles that most teenagers have, that is "love" or the bad perception and understanding of this. I chose a letter because I think that with this type of text I can demonstrate in a better way the feelings
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A family in which I can be a good father. A father who can plays and talks with his children and a father who teaches them good and bad things, due that I didn’t have one who could teach me how to be a good father and a good man, therefore I wanted a better future for my children, a future that implies both parents and a home full of love with a mom who really takes cares about their well-being, I don’t expect us to be the best parents the best mom even worse the best dad but I know that if we try it, we will make
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