Letter To Our School

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While reading the first letter it is very strong with vocabulary and it helps with getting the point across. The letter has many details of the issue such as,"our school is being bombarded with commercial advertising. there are logos of food companies on the lunch tables. Giant posters advertise television shows in the hallway."(Kessler 1) with this piece of information it is easy to tell that the tone of the writer or Janet Chang 's tone in this letter is frustrated. By frustrated it mean that the writer is tired of all the advertisements taking up space. In the story is says "this constant push to 'buy,buy,buy ' isn 't good for anyone-children or adults." (Kessler 1) by this statement it can be told that the writer is very worried for…show more content…
In the second letter to the editor, the writer is more about how to raise money for the school which unlike the other letter, which is about how to stop the funding of so many advertisements. In the second letter the writer is talking about new ways to get money for the school and how the budget cuts and other thing such as club loss have effected the school such as," Our school ,for example, has only half the after school clubs it had a few years ago. The music program also suffered greatly. It is in desperate need of new instruments that the school cannot afford to buy."(Chen 1) with this part of Chen 's letter it is easy to tell that she/he is very up set that there are not very many clubs but it is also seen that the mood of this letter is very serious and is a little mad. the writer is mad because the school board has done many thing to try to help the school 's money problem but not much has helped, or that the school board could have don 't more effective things instead of having so many advertisements around the school. the tone tin the second letter foes from being serious to being frustrated or mad, then to being kinda questioning by the end of the letter. by questioning it it meant as the writer is questioning how certain points in the first letter can effect people. The questioning tone by the letter can be told with this piece of information from the letter," What harm really do? Kids are used to ads-its not like they 're something
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