Letter To The Postal Rider Analysis

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I got on horseback, holding the letter addressed to Mary Rogers tightly in my hand, as I made the horse reach his highest speed. As the hooves pressed against the jagged road, I told myself “today is the day, Samuel”. I hoped finally my mother and sister would deliver a letter back to me. Once I reached my destination, I hopped off the horse and handed my letter to the Postal Rider. “Are there any letters being delivered to Georgia?”, I asked him. “None that I know of”, replied the old man. It was my third time within two months I had sent a letter, yet I had not received a letter from mother and sister back. As the Postal Rider rode along the postal route to deliver and collect more letters, as all postal riders did, I thought that I should still have high hopes, for Georgia is a new colony, where only men who were once in debt and have nothing left in England for them live, therefore it might take…show more content…
The ship’s here!”. The sound of scurrying and excited feet of many men was heard from miles away. I quickly searched through my box of items and took out the golden clasp. As I held to it tightly as I ran towards the ship, all sounds around me were muffled, for I only focused on who was coming out of the ship. My heart was racing quickly as I held the clasp to my heart, and the women began to exit the ship. I saw the pink brunswick that I knew so well, and I pushed my way towards the ship. It was mother and sister! I ran towards them and embraced mother tightly, and embraced my sister as well. I looked down at my hands and saw the lines on my hand from holding onto the clasp so tightly. I handed it back to mother, telling her “there is still hope for you, for all of us”. The tired eyes of mother looked full of life and hope for the first time. Sister, who had stayed quiet and docile her whole life, looked and acted like a bird freed from its cage. And now I realized, Georgia is my home, and will forever be my
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