Letter To Virgil Summary

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When Bill receives a letter demanding him to get rid of Virgil ( A black expert on homicide), and the mix of blacks and whites in Wells, he becomes furious. Through the descriptions the author uses such as, (BLAH BLAH BLAH *WRITE DESCRIPTIONS). We can see that this Bill Gillespie going full on rage. At first he tries to calm down. Here the author is splashing a little thought on how Bill and Virgil are really different. If Virgil was in this situation, he would calm down. Bill tries to calm to down to find out who wrote this mysterious letter, as anger fills him he crumples it and yells “No southern white trash was going to tell a Texan what to do!”. Notice how Bill doesn’t use any slang language, just normal English; whilst, in the letter he got they are using improper and hillbilly…show more content…
After Endicott meets Virgil and sees how intelligent he is he talks to the mayor on keeping Virgil on the case even longer, which upsets Bill. The author is trying scream at us telling us how racism is for Idiots and how its ot birth but virtue is what makes us different. After receiving the letter Bill Gillspie is demanding to keep virgil on the case even longer. At first Bill didn’t even want virgil on this case in fear that the towns people would call him a “nigger lover”. Here we can compare Bill Gillespie and Officer Sam wood, who arrested virgil moments after the death of Mantolli simply because he was black. We can see how these two characters change throughout the story. Sam takes action against the status quo when he really sees Virgil’s true potential and buys him a sandwich and stands up for him at the diner when the waiter refused to serve him. Whilst bill decided to keep virgil on the case even longer just to pis of the people who sent him the letter. We can infer how Sam is the protagonist and is working for the good of people and how Bill is the antagonist who is working only for himself or against
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