Letter Writing In Samuel Richardson's Comparison

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Samuel Richardson, the son of a London joiner, was born in 1689 in Derbyshire. Yet, he spent most of his life in London. When he was in school Richardson amused his schoolmates by making up improvisatory romances; and when but thirteen years old, such was his talent as a letter-writer that the working girls employed him to write their love letters for them. At the age of 17, Richardson was forced to begin apprenticeship as a printer under John Wilde. Richardson, sometimes considered “the father of modern novelists” in English. He received decent quality education. But, he had an inherent ability for letter writing. Richardson was apprenticed as a printer and he remained a printer to the rest of his life. When he was fifty years old…show more content…
Therefore her letters are to be considered as both diary and letter. As reader you only get to read the letters Pamela writes, so you only get to see her perception of every happening in the book. Pamela is a series of letters written by the main character, Pamela, to her parents. Pamela, as she is a young single hearted girl, she is quite pure and naïve. When she is taken to Lincolnshire, house knock the bottom out of John, who has brought the letters and really disappointed. And then she receives a letter: Good Mrs. Pamela, 'I am grieved to tell you how much you have been deceived and betrayed, and that by such a vile dog as I. Little did I think it would come to this. But I must say, if ever there was a rogue in the world, it is me. I have all along shewed your letters to my master: He employed me for that purpose; and he saw every one, before I carried them to your father and mother; and then scaled them up, and sent me with them. I had some business that way, but not half so often as I pretended: and as soon as I heard how it was, I was ready to hang myself. You may well think I could not stand in your presence. O vile, vile wretch, to bring you to this! If you are ruined, I
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