Prince Among Slaves Character Analysis

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In Terry Alford’s novel “Prince Among Slaves” there were many people that strived to bring Ibrahima back to Africa, during this time he also worked to free his children. The role of letter writing had an impact on the course of the book and each person connected the direction of Ibrahima’s journey. A former prince, Abd al-Rahman Ibrahima, was captured through an ambush due to his lost to the Hebohs and is now a slave (23). When Ibrahima was 19, he had led his first victory, which earned him some respect from his men (16). As the years went by, Ibrahima was the leader of another war campaign, but this time, he did not succeed in battle, this led to the prince’s capture and he got sold into slavery (23). He was loaded onto the ship Africa with…show more content…
Even when people doubted him and the situation seemed unachievable, Ibrahima stayed determined and continued (125). For months, Ibrahima had gone to different cities along with various organizations to ask for money, to guide him to the $8,500 that Thomas demanded, in order to get Ibrahima’s children and grandchildren out of being a slave (135,143). This battle he is fighting, was not a battle for him as a soldier, but a battle as a caring grandfather or father. His bravery as a soldier along with the love he held as a parent did not let Ibrahima to give up the fight for his family’s freedom. He pressed for his children’s freedom up to his dying breath, even though he was not victorious in freeing his grandchildren, after his death, his children were finally granted their freedom (186-187) After thirty years of enslaved labor, Ibrahima encountered Marschalk, who believed Ibrahima was of royal descent, a Moor (pg. 89). This confusion was the reason why Ibrahima was allowed back to his homeland. Because of the false letters Marschalk sent to President John Quincy Adams, it changed the results of the elections of 1828. This brought Ibrahima’s departure quicker and assisted him on gaining large publicity to acquire the money needed to free his family from
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