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Titles Unconventional Knowledge About Letterman Jacket That You Can’t Learn From Books How Letterman Jacket Makes Me Feel Good Advice That You Must Listen To Before Buying Letterman Jacket ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So you think that jackets are worn only to keep you warm during winter season. Think again! You don't have to settle in with a jacket like that. Search your closet and take out that varsity or letterman jacket which you used to put on in high school or college. Yes! They have made a stylish comeback! Just pair that prestigious letterman jacket and accessorize it with a complementary set of clothes and sizzle. A century has elapsed, but varsity…show more content…
Letterman Jackets with Hoodies: A hoodie jacket never goes out of style plus, they warm up your head quickly when you are shivering with extremely cold winds. Try out your letterman jacket with hoodie today! Letterman Jackets with Sailor Collars: Around similar time in the 19th century, one could spot women with sailor collar gym suits. The designers soon incorporated the funky style in the varsity jacket and are now one of the most vouched for trends. Letterman Jackets with Zipper Hood: Zip it or unzip it! The letterman jacket with zipper hood gives you ample space to maneuver and adjust your body and style as per the temperature outside. What Are Letterman Jackets Made Of? The letterman jacket has moved from the traditional wool body and leather sleeve to more unusual options. Here, we present you the fabrics using which the fashion designers have retained its top position. 1. Wool: Since its inception, the varsity jacket has seen wool as a strong and light fabric that keeps the wearer warm during frosty months and cool in warmer…show more content…
Satin: The fabric material's name itself exudes sophistication. The shiny, silky smooth texture gives a luxe appeal to the wearer. Make one yours today and rock the show. 5. Cotton: Now wear your favorite letterman jacket even when the chilly winds and frosts doesn't bite you anymore. The cotton letterman jacket is potent enough to absorb moisture and help you in keeping fresh at all times. 6. Synthetic Fibres: Popular synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester are widely used today because they are inexpensive and durable. But the downside to it is that it doesn't absorb moisture in the body. So, you may feel all sweaty in summer months. How To Clean A Letterman Jacket? The letterman jacket is easy to care for but their cleaning depends on the fabric. If it is a synthetic jacket, you can wash it in the machine. Whereas to clean the jacket made using wool and leather is an arduous task. To enhance the longevity of your varsity, it is quintessential that you take proper care. Follow the steps below - 1. Use the lint roller on the wool jacket to remove shreds, dust or hairs. 2. Do not apply any harsh detergent. Use a handwash or baby soap on the stains, if any. Gently rub them using a damp cloth. 3. Gently brush the leather sleeves using a damp cloth or a leather

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