Letters To John Adams Rhetorical Analysis

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Letters to John Adams writing prompt:
Write a response in which you analyze the rhetoric that Abigail Adams uses to support the opinions she expresses in these letters. Recall that rhetoric is the art of using language to influence others it can include appeals to logic, emotions and mortality. It might also include rhetorical devices such as analogies to strengthen an argument. Remember to use evidence from the text to support your response.

In Letters to John Adams, Abigail uses rhetoric to help persuade the user to her points, one of the many examples is in paragraph 8 where she states “I desire you would remember the ladies, and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors.” In this statement she is persuading the reader
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The united states constitution however sought to break free from Great Britain and unite the 13 colonies as their own that would soon become the United States.

However, the Iroquois constitution was rather called the great law of peace for it sought to mainly unite rather than break free. They had bound their Confederacy to form a more stronger nation of peace and wealth. Similar to the United States constitution the natives had worked in a democratic way to unite. Dekanawidah was the first to write this constitution as Hiawatha spoke for him during these gatherings. Similar in time to the US constitution, in 1722 this new law of peace had been ratified and became official.

However the Native Americans did things a bit differently for they were more symbolic as they state “Five arrows shall be bound together, very strong and each arrow shall represent one nation.” This treaty was bound symbolically in which “The lords of the confederacy shall eat together, one bowl the feast of cooked beaver's tail. While they are eating they use no sharp utensils so no bloodshed would follow.” This was described as a new form of trust as they had bound
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