Letting Doctor Make The Tough Decisions Rhetorical Analysis

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Making a decision is a one thinking process of selection to produce a result for a final choice. A story of a young doctor who wants a family to make a final decision on medical treatments of one dying patient is an example of “Letting Doctor Make the Tough Decisions” by Pauline W. Chen. This article presents about how difficult it is to make a decision between a doctor and patients, and how medical decisions should be made in this situation. By doctors are a main audience of this article. In additions, Chen uses 3 rhetorical strategies on the article, by 3 rhetorical strategies are Logos that is using logic, Pathos that is using emotions and Ethos that is using credibility of the author. Relating to the article, Chen is successful in some way on making the argument because of using a support research and researcher’s quote, using persuasive language strategy by using emotional story; but lacking of enough reliable support information. This story talks about how making a decision in medical…show more content…
The argument is how difficult it is to make medical decisions between doctors and patients. According to Chen, one story of a dying patient, their family and a young doctor. A young doctor has a meeting with one patient’s family to talk about withdrawing life support machines. Relating to the story, a readers’ emotion is strongly created by depressed story and readers also recognize a feeling of making tough decisions in medical situations. This way is better than taking only the meeting between a doctor and a family that cannot persuade readers to agree with her, but the author changes the way to talk about making decisions on a dying patient that makes readers feel awkward and depress with this situation, that easier to the author to convince readers to go along with her and she also has more opportunities to successful in making the
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