Level 3 Evaluation

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Level 3 Evaluations

In my current role as Spanish-speaking Training Specialist I have been using level 3 evaluations on a frequent basis without even realizing it. I usually train one to two groups each month. Our new Financial Services Officers (FSOs) have a training certification checklist that they must complete within the first month on the job. Once the trainees have completed their certification checklist, they are sent to an in classroom training and that is where I come into play. I conduct a weeklong training course, we review all the basics early in the week, and then move into the more complex information as the week proceeds. Once they complete my course they are sent back to their branch to apply everything that they have learned.
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I know what the training for this position consists of and how quickly I was able to fully apply it to the job. Now that I have read and somewhat understand level 3 evaluations, I plan on being more conscientious of my trainees learning curve and I plan to conduct the level 3 evaluation during 90 – 120 days on the job. That is where I started feeling comfortable in performing the job as an FSO, yet I was still learning something new on a daily basis. I plan to measure their skills and knowledge by utilizing a learning contract. We currently have a similar system in play, but it is not as thorough. I like how the learning contract allows the trainee to have a say in their development plan. It also allows the manager to set goals for the trainee and therefore, it makes both parties responsible when creating a learning and coaching environment. This type of action plan works great in understanding any gaps that the trainee may have and how to close them. Since there is a timeframe associated to a learning contract, it allows all parties to see how much change is taking place throughout the process. I personally believe that all parties will be satisfied with the new method of evaluation and feedback we receive. The trainees will understand how this will enhance their performance leading to overall success at
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