Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 3 P1

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Task one: P1. For P1, I will be writing a short report based on a placement that I have done at River Glade house which is a small residential home for 10 older people which have some sort of physical or mental impairment now in my report I will include 6 Potential hazards which are 2 Health hazards, 2 Safety hazards and 2 Security hazards that may arise in a health and social care setting. Health Hazards: A health hazard is an incident or injury leading to an illness. The two health hazards that I have chosen are Infections and Substances. Infections: If you are not following the correct procedures you are putting your own life and the service user’s life’s in risk. Food hygiene in care settings must be scrupulous as if you do not take care…show more content…
The two security hazards that I have chosen are security systems and working practices. Security systems: To keep service users and the staff from intruders security systems have been fitted in a lot of health and social care settings. In residential care homes the main doors are usually kept locked and the window on the ground floor do not open as wide enough to let anyone in or anyone out. Information that is held on the computers or PC is kept safe and secure and is locked with a password on and only staff that need access to information know the password to access the information and is protected under the Data protection act 2010 and also the filing cabinets must be kept locked, safe and secure. Working practices: If working practices are not met you can be putting yourself and the service users at unnecessary risk. Working practices are the jobs that you do when caring for people these can be things like moving or handling, preparing food, changing nappies or even giving injections despite the manual handling operations regulation 1999 many care workers are still suffering from
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