Level 4 Home Case Study Summary

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The reporting party (RP) stated there were a list of issues and concerns regarding the level 4 home. A resident named Tammy Sanchez was observed by Regional Center counselor staff member Constance Sifton standing on a street corner on Mooney Blvd., in front of MOR Furniture store unsupervised. The counselor from the Regional Center pulled over and spoke with the resident. The resident disclosed that she had been on the street for an extended period which was indicated by the resident being drenched in sweat and appearing dehydrated and shaking. The resident was initially with a staff person named Isabelle and her boyfriend. The resident disclosed that the caregiver and her boyfriend went inside a building and she was instructed to remain in the boyfriend 's truck.…show more content…
When inside the store the caregiver and her boyfriend approached the resident appearing upset and curious as to ask why the resident wasn 't still in the truck. The RP disclosed that the resident was fearful due to the tone of voice the caregiver used when asking why the resident left the vehicle. The resident disclosed that she and another resident had traveled to multiple placed with the caregiver, her boyfriend, and daughter (name not provided). The RP stated the boyfriend had not received a background clearance; however he was transporting the residents in his vehicle. The caregiver disclosed the boyfriend had transported her and the resident on at least 3 other occasions and therefore the residents should not be nervous in his presence. The counselor decided to wait at the home until the licensee Janice Bryant arrival. The counselor informed Janice that the resident needed to be seen by a physician due to her continued

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