Observation: A Short Story

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Level 47. I just have to get to level 47. I climb onto the creaking elevator and grasp onto the rails along the side. I hesitate letting go of the bar before reaching to press the 47 button. A “Beep” followed by a blinking red is only the beginning. Soon my stomach begins to churn as I feel the monster wake up and begin its journey. The elevator slowly creeps up three floors before stopping. The doors seem to open like a movie scene and reveal the boy, with hazel eyes that have an ever so hint of green. His name is not known, but I try to think it is a word that rolls off the tongue so easily like Sebastian or Benjamin. He stands tall, at least 6 inches taller than me. His wide shoulders burst with pride as his long brown hair barely reaches the tops of his thick black glasses. Just the sight of him calms…show more content…
The fire is growing and no one knows we’re here. We are going to die unless we get out of this elevator.” Alex looks up at me with pure panic and rage. Before I know what is happening, my feet move towards his hands, then I stop. I lunge myself into his arms and hug him as if I’ll never be able too again. I pull myself away and lock my eyes with his. We both nod and continue the plan. One foot up. Grab the opening. Two feet. Jump. Pull. I am greeted with smoke. It surrounds my lungs and squeezes the last bit of air out of me. I roll over in a coughing fit, unable to talk, move, or breath. Soon Alex is pulling off his shirt, and tying it around my mouth to try to filter some of the smoke. His eyes are bloodshot, but I can still make out the beautiful hint of green in the hazel. He stands up and works to open the opening to the building. One minute, nothing. Two minutes, nothing. Then he does it. He opens the door ever so slightly. I am too weak to move. My eyes close. I feel his hands wrap around my waist. I am in his arms, and off the ground. I feel every last ounce of his energy leave his body as I am squeezed through the doors into another's
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