Understanding Job Satisfaction

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Job Satisfaction:
Job Satisfaction can be defined as the level of fulfilment , a person feels regarding his/her job and the feeling is based on individual perception of satisfaction .Job satisfaction is the extent to which people are satisfied with their work (Warr,2002).It means that it is not the self-satisfaction content, or self-contentment but the satisfaction on the job .(Feinstein,2000,as cited by Ahmed et al 2010).
Job satisfaction has a significant relationship with role performance and creative job performance. (Dizgahl,Chegani2,&Bisokhan,2012)
Work Overload:
Work Overload is the degree to which the demand of the job is excessive (Agho, Mueller, Price ,1993).The situation in which employees feel that there are too many responsibilities
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The other also describes as job Satisfaction is a product of non-regulatory mood tendency (Fisher Hanna 1931). Job Satisfaction is the meaningful understanding of how job demand and job resources affect employees level of job satisfaction and how job satisfaction in turn, influence a combo of important workplace behaviours (Crede et al, 2007).Some traits which are correlated with job satisfaction can be gender, age, marriage, education etc. Work Overload sometimes also referred as role overload is a conflict situation in which the management , demands, instructions, roles communicated to a role occupant overtake the amount of time & the resource available for achievement of the entire demand .(Kahn et al, 1964), when this situation will arise the individual will experience stress, become dissatisfy with the job and perform less effectively .From many researches it has found that work overload has a negative relationship with job satisfaction . There are some symptoms which has been discussed by Frank M.Gryna(2004)&Galinsky et al. (2001) of work overload that leads to job…show more content…
There are numerous theories attempted to explain job satisfaction, but three of them are more prominent. First is the Content theory, it explains job satisfaction as the situation of self-actualization and growth .Second is the process theory which says that a person is satisfied with his/her job when the expectations that he/she has from the job are being met .Third can be referred to as the situational theories which focuses on how individual personal characteristics are interact with the organizational characteristics (Travis G.Worrell, May 2004). Besides them there are different theories i.e Affect theory(1976) ,Dispositional approach(1997) ,equity theory(1963) ,discrepancy theory,motivator-hygiene theory,job characteristics theory (1960), etc.(Baptiste,N.R. 2008).There can be different emotions at workplace we can classify it into positive and negative emotions , workoverload can be a type of negrtive emotions at workplace it leads to stress, sadness etc (Weiss,2002)Work overload is a situation in which one person has to complete alot of work (Cambridge dictionaries). Work overload raise the stress physical and mental on individuals and their folk and other effects of work overload are: Reduction in job satisfaction, flaws in products and services and flaws that result in injuries to employees and customers emerge (Frank M. Gryna, 2004). Role overload is a conflict situation in which the

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