Level Of Componsurement: Work Overload And Job Satisfaction

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Job Satisfaction: Job Satisfaction can be defined as the level of fulfilment , a person feels regarding his/her job and the feeling is based on individual perception of satisfaction .Job satisfaction is the extent to which people are satisfied with their work (Warr,2002).It means that it is not the self-satisfaction content, or self-contentment but the satisfaction on the job .(Feinstein,2000,as cited by Ahmed et al 2010). Job satisfaction has a significant relationship with role performance and creative job performance. (Dizgahl,Chegani2,&Bisokhan,2012) Work Overload: Work Overload is the degree to which the demand of the job is excessive (Agho, Mueller, Price ,1993).The situation in which employees feel that there are too many responsibilities or activities expected from them in light of the time available , their capabilities, and other pressure (Rizzo,House,&Lirtzman,1970).Work overload can generate a warning to the employee in performing his/her work adequately and also increases withdrawal behaviour patterns from the employing early retirement, striking,leaving,absenteeism,and more (Pelletier,etal.1992) Work overload and Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction is the most widely look into job perspective ,as well as one of the most widely re searched subjects in any industrial/Organizational Psychology (Judge&Church,2000).It is the enjoyable positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of ones job as achieving or facilitating the achievement of one’s job values

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