Level Of Education: The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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As people going to school and getting a higher level of education, the teacher will ask them to think critically. Critical thinking is not just thinking normally but to think it deeply. When one person has a different point of view or idea with some other people make then that person should use his own point of view and think logically to prove his idea is correct and this action call critical thinking. In this essay, I will state that analyze thinking, logical thinking, and self-improvement is the factor to form the ideal of critical thinking. All the different factors will show that the importance of critical thinking.
First of all, critical thinking is a way to analyze thinking. To analyze, we need to identify the intended and actual inferential
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It is a process from thinking normally to thinking critically is a difficult way to change. We need to think out of the box which mean we have to be open-minded. We can’t be biased when we are thinking, we have to be rational to be able to think critically. We have to give up the way we used to think, we need to think beyond the argument itself to get the accurate and reasonable answer. Critical thinking is to from a well reasoned and fair-minded judgment regarding what to a believer or what to do. Once we are well reason and open minded then we can accept others explanation and their evidence. Moreover, we can give out more accurate information and evidence to support our idea to against the argument that we disagree with. In this case, we are improving our thinking skill, the level of our thinking skill are no longer only on normal thinking but critical thinking. Additionally, we are not naturally born with a well-develop mind which can think critically but it is cultivated and developed. Also, critical thinking can improve ourselves a powerful resource in life and…show more content…
It is a way to let people think deeper and think rationally in an argument. It will help you to think about what is right and what is wrong. It will help you to level up your skills to think critically while you think critically you will find more truth evidence to support your premise and argument. Critical thinking is also a way to let people analyze their thinking, think logically and it will help us to self-improvement. All this factor makes a good critical thinker because once they understand how to use those skills to think then they can think

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