Levela Tail Research Paper

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There isn't a definite answer to how Levela were formed or where they came from. Theories state they are prehistoric creatures that continue to survive in the deserts by eating smaller live animals such as lizards and rabbits, and sometimes big animals such as sheep from time to time if they feel up for the challenge. Levela focus on small animals as their feet are made for running at high speeds and not for tearing into large prey. The small claws aid in keeping speed, digging far enough into the sand so they can spring back onto the back part of their large feet and move forward. They are nocturnal animals, hunting primarily at night using their large ears to listen to movements and detect their prey. They can use their horns to ram their head into their food, stabbing it and then using their big feet paws, ripping it from their horns and then continuing to rip their prey to bits with their long feline-like teeth.…show more content…
They are also extremely useful in combat, helping to push away enemies from behind with strong force and even squeeze prey or their opponent to death. The Levela tail has a lot of strength, even though it doesn't look like it. In addition to these uses, the tail is also the dominant tell in ranking and who is the "top dog" in the packs. Like wolves, Levela live and travel in packs. Each Levela also has a different ranking, determining where in the pack the Levela stays at. The ranking equates at more tails and longer hair is higher rank. If a Levela has long hair, it doesn't automatically move up in rank. The tail is the dominant teller of rank in the Levela

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