Levi Coffin: A Brief Biography

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Levi Coffin was a very selfless man. As you probably already know, Levi was an American abolitionist who was a conductor of the underground railroad. Levi had helped so many people find their ways back to freedom and to their families once more. He saved over three thousand slaves from their owners. Levi Coffin was a hero to thousands of people. Firstly, Levi Coffin wasn’t raised an Abolitionist. Levi Coffin had a great success, but when he was younger, he didn’t have much success on his part. Levi was born on October 28, 1789, in New Garden, North Carolina, a slave owning state. When he was a child, he was raised on a farm. He would help work the farm with his father everyday. As he got older, he became a teacher to slaves. He wanted them to know how to live freely on their own. He taught them things like reading, practicing Christianity, and any other thing they would need to know. Sadly, the…show more content…
Levi loved helping the slaves escape into freedom. He didn 't know about the underground railroad until he moved from his hometown to Indiana. When he moved to Indiana, he found out he was on a route that the underground railroad used to help the slaves escape from their masters. Since he found out about it, he decided he wanted to help the slaves escape to freedom. He had a house that was right on the trail that the slaves took when they started to escape.In his autobiography he wrote, “...that a new fugitive slave came to his home almost every week.” (learnnc.org). Another thing Levi had done while he was helping people was to work with the African American orphans. He worked and helped at many orphanages. He was a really great man. In conclusion, Levi Coffin was a hero and always will be. Levi was a hero to over three thousands people, he saved lives, reunited families, and made many people happy. Levi is a truly heroic person who should always be remembered for his great deeds in this
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