Leviathan By Thomas Hobbes: Protecting The Citizens

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Protecting the citizens A government is one of the many institutions established at the beginning of every country. Also, there are different writings all focusing on the what the government must do, and they each have different opinions on what the function of the government is. Years go by and the function of the government changes, in the early ages the government was not responsible for giving health insurance to its people, and now citizens claim the government must provide health insurance and jobs. Even if the government’s functions change, they are always establishing laws and regulation for their people to feel safe. Therefore, the government’s main role is to protect its citizens from dangers such as reducing the number of crimes, foreign enemies, and any item…show more content…
One of the main functions of the government is to protect their citizens by the reducing the number of crimes. Although, there is still a large number of crimes committed and the government does not act to provide justice to some people. Either way, the government must create regulations to be able to protect the people in the society. In the Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes explains, “For the actions of men proceed from their opinions, and in the well governing of opinions consisteth the well governing of men’s actions in order to their peace and concord” (110). For instance, if the government does not control the people, people will commit more crimes and there will always be chaos. Therefore, one way to reduce the number of crimes, the government must set laws for gun control. Even though our founding fathers set the second amendment, which is “the right to bear arms”, they did not intent for people to use guns in an uneducated
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