Levine's Essay 'Social Time: The Heartbeat Of Culture'

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“Relating Reading to Experience”
The first time I came to the United States, I was amazed to see the punctuality and the way people live, eat, drink and spend their spare time. Coming from a different country where the lifestyle is different compared to the lifestyle in the United States. In the essay “Social Time: The Heartbeat of culture,” Levine the author, experiences the same differences I felt when I came to the United States, but he experiences the differences the other way around.
According to Levine, “Back home in California, I never need to look at a clock to know when the class hour in ending. The shuffling of books is accompanied by strained expressions that say plaintively,’I’m starving. . . . I’ve got to go to the bathroom. . . .I’m going to suffocate if you keep us one more second’ ”. Levine says that when he used to teach in California, he never used to look at the clock to see when the class is ending, because he always heard the noise of shuffling books and noticed the strange expressions on the faces of the students in class who were ready to leave. I do agree with the author, I have experienced Singh,2 this behavior here in the U.S. Students pack their books and bag before the class is
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He even gives example that the greatest difficulties with the people abroad, along with language problems, were the general pace of life and the punctuality of others. Personally, I have also felt the difference of the pace of social life after coming to the United States. I felt the difference so much that I start to believe that the time passes fast in the United States as compared to my country India. Here in the United States I feel that we have to move with time whereas in India I used to enjoy the time rather than running with
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