Levi's Childhood Observation

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Levi is an 8-year-old white male. He is in the 3rd grade at Carlyle Elementary for the 17/18 school year. Levi is autistic and has an aid to help facilitate instructional skills. Levi loves being outdoors. He stated that his favorite part of the day was Science, P.E and recess because he gets to play outside and catch butterflies. When asked about the 3 things that he does well he stated he catches butterflies, grasshoppers and bullfrogs. Levi mentioned that the kids like that he is happy and very likeable. He also mentioned that he has had a few difficulties with students on his bus. When asked about his dislikes, Levi stated that he doesn’t like feeling sad. Levi stated that when he grows up he wants to go to college and later become a zookeeper. Levi stated that he gets along with his teachers and classmates.

Levi lives at home with his 2 brothers, grandma and mom and dad. He enjoys spending time with family by playing outside, running and jumping. Levi is not involved in any school activities he does however spend his weekends and after school time playing ball and playing with his dinosaur collection. Levi is quite dependent on his family for his needs. In the morning before school mom helps Levi prepare for school. Levi gets along with everyone in his family well. Match Recommendations (i.e. type of volunteer, parent preferences, youth interests,
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Levi is interested in being matched with a Big Brother who enjoys animals, books, and watching sports. Levi would love to play outdoors and indoors and watch activities. CM recommends matching Levi with a Big Brother who is interested in playing indoors and outdoors and someone who is patient who enjoys reading. SAPE was conducted at the time of the interview; he has a good understanding of all aspects of
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