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As children, we are always asked what we want to do when we become adults. We really have no idea how hard it will be to make that choice. People in general are drawn to careers that seem cool, fun, or make a lot of money. However, in reality things are not always what they seem to be. Alexandra Levit gives details on a variety of topics to guide people through the business world in They Don’t Teach Corporate in College. Levit breaks down every sector of the business environment for someone who either just graduated college or someone who may not be is not up to speed on the corporate culture of today’s world. Even if one does not fall into either of those categories, I believe that They Don’t Teach Corporate in College truly does have valuable…show more content…
She discusses how to create power statements on your resume to get a response from recruiters, how to present yourself to people while networking when it comes to professional dress, what you should do during each stage of the interview process, and how you should evaluate your career options while incorporating your personal values. “In life, we get many chances to reinvent ourselves. Levit could not have phrased that in a better way. Something that many people struggle with, including myself, is their professional persona. When we meet people in a new place and begin to connect with them, sometimes we forget about the persona that we want to portray. It is called impression management, we must manage the impressions that people make about us. We only get three to five seconds to make a good impression on someone when we first meet…show more content…
The reason being is that I am dealing with most all of the topics that it discusses. I have been having a hard time staying motivated to do my job because I feel as though I am stagnant and will remain that way with my current company. I am also feeling stressed. Whether I am feeling these emotions or not, I still have a job to do and I want to protect my professional persona. This chapter has helped me manage the things that frequently make me angry at work. Another chapter that caught my attention was chapter 10. When you are in position, and you are unhappy. Only you can really understand why you are unhappy. One thing that I learned is that you should always give an adequate resignation when resigning from a company and never to burn bridges. You never know whether or not you will need to cross them

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