Leviticus And Deuteronomy Essay

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The Old Testament in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, God provides believers with a myriad of information concerning disease prevention, hygiene, and healthy foods. Among them are foods that are clean and unclean for human consumption, which prevent or escalate diseases and epidemics. However, the clean foods God commanded human beings to eat, such as cow meat and vegetables may lead to diseases, which are also the case for unclean foods, for instance, pork. Consumption of cattle beef may lead to campylobacter while pork may lead to trichinosis. Vegetables, on the other hand, may bring about cyclosporiasis. This paper seeks to identify ways of controlling campylobacter, trichinosis, and cyclosporiasis.
Campylobacter from Cows
Campylobacter is diarrheal disease, which causes human gastroenteritis. The bacteria inhabit the intestinal tract of warm-blooded animals, such as cattle and poultry. The bacterium that causes campylobacter can be controlled through pasteurization of milk, ozonation and chlorination of water, as well as adequate cooking of meat since the bacterium is sensitive to heat. One should also follow fundamental food hygiene practices when preparing the meat food. Other control measures include disinfecting of feces-soiled particles before disposal in regions without adequate sewage disposal systems. Enhanced biosecurity is also crucial for the
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For travellers visiting third-world countries should exercise caution by following the CDC’s "Yellow Book" health information for international travel. Individuals should also avoid ingesting contaminated foods and drinking treated water. Fruits and vegetables should be peeled before cooking or eating. Furthers, farmers should not use untreated manure as fertilizers for vegetables and fruits. High doses of water chlorination should be used as a control for the

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