Lewin's Change Management Model

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Individual Assignment
Individual Assignment: Implementing Change

“A fish rots from the head down” is one Chinese provide that describes the main issue at the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ). If the change management process can address this, then should mark the turning point of the parastatal into a profit generating company. I am optimistic “Rome was not build in a single day” and it is a matter of time before a strategic leadership and working processes are implemented that will resuscitate the company.

Imposition of leaders (militarisation), corruptions, fraudulent profiteering and leadership wrangles head the pack on the main issues at NRZ. I want to concur with Gregory and Shea (March 2013) “If an organization needs to
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The two have to support one another to try and alleviate and turn around the NRZ to be the preferred choice mode of transport operations. I envisage Lewin's Change Management Model being a looping process, that when stage is not satisfied, it changes to the next phase. The three phases shown below are true reflection of NRZ of what is, what needs to happen and what has to be. At one time the NRZ was in the freeze phase which over a period of time changed…show more content…
Change is inevitable and has to happen. NRZ is a public institution. Change should start from the top and cascaded down. The ministry should appoint and recruit qualified and knowledgeable management team which in most cases is published in the local press. This will mark the genesis of the unfreeze phase. Enforce governance and involve the anticorruption commission when the company decide to re-capitalise and sources new tools of trade. The daily trains became reliable and workers are back at work. When the tool implemented, there will be less bazar newspapers headlines on NRZ

1. How is the board planning to re-capitalise NRZ
2. Are there any planned changes to try and revive the ailing parastatal?
3. What approach is likely to be used if any?


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