Lewinsky Persuasive Speech

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How much are you willing to pay for the price of shame to go away? In her speech, Lewinsky she talked about her Internet Scandal 17 years ago concerning an affair she had with the President of the United States and how being publicly shamed had affected her. She focuses on the increase in public shaming in the present day, and how it is now a blood sport, and that the world needs an intervention on the internet in our culture. I agree with Lewinsky’s primary argument because we do not need to put people down based on the mistakes they have made, we are humans, there are situations we cannot control or understand the choices people make. We need more compassion and empathy for the mistakes we have made in the imperfect world without judgement, without humiliation, and without shame. Evidence to support my opinion will include: The Child Line U. K’s staggering statistic on cyberbullying, the hackers invading people’s privacy, and Public shaming turning to Advertising dollars. I will further explain my evidence to the primary argument I have agreed on. Since 1998 technology has expanded through the decades and, we did not know where the internet would take us.” Child line, U.K…show more content…
“A third party app which snap chatters use to preserve the lifespan of the messages was hacked and 10,000 personal conversations, photos and videos were leaked online to now have a lifespan of forever “. Gossip websites or just people in general want to have millions of views, and will use anything they can get from people to cause harm to them. Including hacking into personal information or private emails texts and conversations, the more hacking the more attention they will receive and public embarrassment. As the internet gets more advances everyday it’s wrong for people to be using personal information of private emails and texts without the
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