Lewis And Clark Analysis

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My thoughts on this week show is that I believe that Lewis and Clark would not have been able to complete their journey with the help of the native people that they encounter while on the journey. To my knowledge, Indian tribes such as the Mandans help provide supplies and sheltering during the winter. The Nez Perce tribe also helped the men buy supplying food. I would have to disagree with “Thomas Jefferson” that was on this week show because he feels that Sacagawea did not make much of a contribution to the journey. But Sacagawea helped obtain horses for the men and translated for them during the expedition. She also helped guide the men because she was familiar with the territory. What surprises me is that Sacagawea did a great deal of help all while carrying for a child at young age. There is also another story that is not recorded but is often told is about a women named Watkuweis who saved the men by telling not to harm them. Thomas Jefferson saw his men, Lewis and Clark as high ranking men with strong qualities. So, the idea of women making a great impact in the expedition was absurd to him in a way. Also, not to mention during the 18 century the women were inferior to men.…show more content…
I found it disturbing when I heard the information the slave owners would offer up their women slaves to men that were visiting the plantation. I also find it hard to believe that they got some kind of reward in return from the travelers that they had sexual intercourse with. My guess would have been that the Indian women did not get not type of reward or trinket in return. My thoughts are the Indian women were vulnerable and how no choice but to listen to the men in their tribes. It was the men in the tribe who got the trinkets or valuables that if at all were given to the
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