Lewis And Clark Expedition Of Meriwether Lewis

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Meriwether Lewis was born in Ivy, Virginia in 1774. William Clark was born in Caroline County, Virginia in 1770. In 1801, President Thomas Jefferson asked Lewis to act as his private secretary. President Jefferson offered Lewis another offer. This offer was to lead an expedition to the western part of Mississippi. Lewis was already eager to start the trip. He immediately contacted his old friend, William Clark, to co-command the expedition. President Jefferson asked Lewis to gather information on plants, animals, and people. Lewis also bought samples of animals and plants he came across with.
Lewis and Clark along with the rest of the group started their expedition journey at St. Louis, Missouri in May 1804. Lewis and his group found many Native people while they continued their journey westward. The Mandans were the one’s who provided the group with supplies for the first winter they were going through. When they continued their journey two more members joined the expedition, Sacagawea and
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While they were doing this expedition, Lewis came across a rock. This rock’s formation was named after Sacagawea’s son, Pompy’s Tower.
Lewis and Clark joined their two groups together at the Missouri River. They followed their way back to St.Louis together. Lewis and Clark traveled about 8,000 miles by boat, on foot, and on a horse.
Lewis and members of the group who traveled with Lewis had received a warm welcome. Some towns help special event for the explorers who returned when they passed by. When Lewis has arrived in Washington, he received a payment for his courageous efforts of searching the territory. After being paid, he was announced as the governor of the Louisiana Territory. The United States bought the Louisiana Territory from the French Napoleon Bonaparte on April 30, 1803. President Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory for 15 million dollars. When this happened it became known as the, Louisiana
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