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I am a creator and an explorer. Lewis and Clark’s unique courses would help me use my creativity and sense of exploration to study sociology and anthropology. I hope to combine my passion for photography and cultural exchange. I envision myself taking courses such as Topics in Social and Cultural Research and Visual Anthropology - two of the many classes that spark my interest and intrigue me. Similar courses, coupled with photography offerings, would allow me to further advance my skills. After traveling solo in India and Nepal during the past two summers to teach English, I grew inspired and eager to experience as much as possible in the world. I am interested in a global classroom and eventually studying abroad, possibly in Africa and Asia. Lewis and Clark’s Indian Region Area Study Program would allow me to take…show more content…
One of my goals is to explore and learn more about the various social problems that I have experienced first-hand in New York City with other students who share my passion. Lewis and Clark would allow me to create my own club or organization similar to those I have participated in throughout high school. I co-founded the Cambodia Art Exchange Club to connect the global arts community through art exchange and gallery presentations. I am looking forward to being part of an environment that uses the arts to promote creative inquiry. I find inspiration for my art in my surroundings, and I was fortunate enough to be raised and educated in a city that enhanced my creativity and learning by breaking down the boundaries between the classroom and my environment. Lewis and Clark’s distinct location in Portland would inspire me to grow as a student and an artist. I would continue utilizing resources throughout the city, including lectures and museum/gallery visits. In addition, I will also bring my artistic eye and critique to an already thriving

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