Lewis And Clark: The Corps Of Discovery

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Have you ever wondered about all of the important contributions that The Corps of Discovery made towards the United States? The Corps of Discovery were led by two important people Lewis and Clark. Throughout the journey Lewis and Clark made several great achievements that include: mapping the west, befriending the indians, and valuing cooperation. The Corps of Discovery led by Lewis and Clark was held to explore the Louisiana Purchase. They set out in an expedition to discover and learn about the new land. They had the army and other volunteers with them through the journey. There were many ranks for the army, like private, sergeant, corporal, and interpreter. (Doc A) Each of them earned a different amount of pay and certain privileges. It was important to have some of these people especially when they needed to translate with the Indians. When everyone returned from their journey each man received 320 acres each and the two captains each got 1,600 acres. (Doc A) They were granted the land because of their efforts through the journey. President Jefferson launched an expedition known as The Corps of Discovery. This expedition was led by…show more content…
Without this expedition they wouldn’t have know anything about the western half of the country. “To most american citizens, these lands were a mysterious and unknown wilderness. Lewis and Clark took the mystery out of the region.” (Textbook Page 135) This allowed the people to feel safer now knowing the western half. “Lewis and Clark made the first detailed maps for fur traders, missionaries, and pioneers who later ventured into the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, and led the West Coast.” (Textbook Page 135) Without the maps they wouldn’t have know we’re they were going or what to look for. Thanks to Lewis and Clark it showed the Americans everything they needed to know about the western half of the United States and allowed them to feel
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