Lewis Argument For The Existence Of God

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Existence of God

Lewis possesses a strong belief in God. He states that the human population consists of “the majority who believe in some kind of God or gods, and the minority who do not” (39). I agree with this statement because there are many people who have faith in God because their faith gives them happiness and direction in life. The belief in a higher Intelligence causes people to live on Earth with satisfaction. Lewis also argues that the scientific method cannot explain if God exists or not (58). This is true because no observations and experiments can be done to find an answer to God’s existence. Furthermore, people that have a strong faith will not long for scientific answers in order to have believe in God. I cannot disagree with any of the arguments Lewis provides because they all acknowledge the existence of God and do not question God’s existence.
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He strongly believes that “the scientific method is our only source of knowledge” (58). I disagree with his belief because people also possess their own sense of knowledge. They gain this knowledge through the different obstacles they come across in their lives, which indicates that not all knowledge comes from scientific method. Freud describes “the teachings of Jesus as “psychologically impossible and useless for our lives” (38). I cannot agree with his statement because there are people who study and believe in Jesus because Jesus gives them an optimistic view to life. Freud argues that human suffering results in the fact that there is no God (41). I can agree to this statement because people start to question God’s existence whenever they experience a downfall in their
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