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Being a freshman in college is already hard enough, but joining a club is more of a push if you do not know many people at all . Lexcie Lewis was very anti social , had fews friends, and didn’t really care too much about joining clubs, because she felt she did not have the time to do so. In high school, Lexcie was always the quiet one that no one really new. She wasn’t so quiet, she just did not socialize with many. At home, she never went out and she was of a family person, she enjoyed staying home. Being around only a few girls, and transitioning to a hundred girls was a huge change to her. Lexcie had a whole summer before school started to decide whether or not the greek life was for her. Considering that becoming a part of Greek Life was going to help her with her future career, she went ahead and took a gamble. She joined with an open mind, not…show more content…
She explains, “ It 's kind of like family, it’s helps the college experience and when you do stuff, you 're never alone, you have almost two hundred girls to run too. “ When there’s advantages, there are also disadvantages. Lexcie’s struggle was the finances; the price was way more than she expected, so she went and looked for two jobs just to pay it off. “ The bad part is, you’re constantly having to pay so much every month, but it’ll only be for our first year. “ She had a lot of support around her, especially her small group of friends. Lexcie’s mom did not go to college so she did not have ethe knowledge of sororities. Being in a sororities has made Lexcies life more busier than ever. Having to go to meeting and social events have already tired her out, “ I’m constantly busy every day of the week, and it’s just something I need to get use to of. In a sorority , you have to maintain your grades in order to stay in the club, so they have library hours that had to be completed , so you’re also learning while

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