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Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota, whose member together constitute the world’s third-leading automaker. It was launched in 1989. Lexus is serving and marketed in over 70 countries worldwide. The Lexus marque soon became associated with quality, luxury and superior customer satisfaction. The brand reputation grew quickly until, barely a dozen years after its founding. According to Forbes list of world’s most valuable brands, Lexus is number 66 on the list. The global Lexus lineup features sedans of different size classes, including the compact IS and HS models, mid-size ES and GS models, and the full-size LS. Convertibles include the IS C models. Sport-utility vehicles range in size from the
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Lexus have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and on other social media websites. Lexus’s Facebook page has over than 3 million people who like the page, it’s up to date and the people engaged with the brand and that is shown in the comments and the likes in the page. Departure Lane, a Tumblr designed by Lexus. Celebrating design in its many forms. Beyond by Lexus is a journal on design and craftsmanship, offering an enquiring insight into the people, places and spaces at the intersection of sustainability, design innovation and car craft. From automotive to architecture, product designers to community builders. It shows that Lexus is trying to target the consumer in a direct and indirect…show more content…
It comprises numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Samsung brand. Samsung was founded in 1938 as a small trading company. Samsung subsidiaries includes: Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industries and Samsung Engineering.
In this report, the focus will be on Samsung Electronics, Its products include air conditioners, computers, digital televisions, printers, refrigerators and telecommunications networking equipments. According to Forbes list of world’s most valuable brands, Samsung is number 7 on the list. The company’s commitment to being the world 's best has won us the No.1 global market share for 13 of our products, including semiconductors, TFT-LCDs, monitors and CDMA mobile phones.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning:

Samsung electronics has been able to reach different market segments and price points, the business area for Samsung electronics are: consumer electronics, IT & mobile communications and device solution. The segmentation for the household appliances is for the families or couples or any person who has a place to live in, and for the samsung phones samsung is segmenting consumers in the younger generation and business class

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