Lgbt Case Study Sample

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Strengths: - Paige immediately takes ownership in the call. - While pulling up the loan, Paige offers the client an empathetic acknowledgment. - After verification, Pagie foreshadows the silence. - She then gains agreement to ensure they are on the same page. - After reviewing the notes, Paige digs in to find out who informed the client of the new closing costs. - Paige foreshadows the transfer to the SC. She advises the client she will be back with an alternative (if he isn 't available). - When Paige returns, she informs the client of what is listed in the notes. - Paige then goes ahead and foreshadows a hold to BOLT. Good warm transfer. Opportunities: - Strong intro. Paige misses the opportunity to greet the client using her…show more content…
At 2:28, the client asks Paige if she can put her on speaker phone "so the loan officer can hear" (this is a third party loan officer. Paige misses the opportunity to disclose that the call is being recorded at this time. It is important that we do this for legal purposes. As a best practice, execute on the strong intro + call recording disclosure every time you are put on speaker phone. - Control. (2:58 - 3:24) There is an extended silence, which is not foreshadowed. It is important that we inform the client what we are doing, why, and pivot before any silences. This helps us to guide the call and maintain control. For example: "What I 'd like to do is take a look through the notes, so that I can familiarize myself a bit more on what has transpired. Bear with me just one moment..." OR pivot to foreshadow a hold. - Conclude the call properly. Paige misses the opportunity to ask the client if the client has any other questions before transferring the call. We do this to help promote a one call resolution. Try framing up the question in this case, for example: "Before I get you over, I just want to be sure we address all of your concerns. Outside of what we 've discussed, do you have any other questions for me
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