Lgbtq Community Reflection Report

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As I’ve mentioned in a previous reflection, it is difficult for me to fully understand the situation that many people in the LGBTQ community go and have gone through. However, that is not to say I do not have deep sympathy for them and am willing to listen to better understand these situations. It is for that reason that I think that the various online outlets that were mentioned in chapter 20 would be very beneficial for both trans identifying people and outsiders alike. Although I often like to reflect on something that is a physical product of the media to better comprehend the readings I find this chapter to be difficult to do so. I think that much of this chapter discussed various outlets that are helpful in aiding trans people specifically transmen in their transition and life after their transition. Moreover, with a rise in national and global acceptance of trans individuals I’m under the impression that these communities are at the height of their benefits. I also imagine that like discussed the select few who object and discriminate against trans people are now at an ultimate high with new avenues of doing so.…show more content…
They would be encouraging to see both others going through the same life altering transition as well as a shelter of acceptance. I also think I would value the community environment and being able to find role models who have gone through their transition and are now living successful lives. Overall, this chapter made me realize it’s easy to have sympathy, but having empathy is whole other thing. Also having a place to find empathy while going through something as drastic as gender transitioning would be beneficial and help ease possible anxiety and

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