Lgbtq Personal Statement

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I can feel the sun blazing against my skin while sitting on the grass of the Alumni Lawn. I can witness lifelong relationships being forged in the Common Center. I can hear the whispering voices of students collaborating and spreading knowledge in the Central Library. I can imagine myself being an active student at Vanderbilt University.
During my first year, I will fulfill my requirements for my biological sciences major by registering for courses focused on general chemistry, organic chemistry, calculus, statistics, and physics. As a part of the First Year Writing Seminar, I will register for the Health, Planet, and Evolution course because I want to understand how evolution has had a profound influence on modern day society. Focusing on
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The Spanish Club piques my interest because I want to continue my involvement with the Spanish language during college. Speaking Spanish gives me the opportunity to communicate and connect with a greater audience that I otherwise would not be able to had I only spoken a single language. On the other hand, the LGBTQI LIFE club grabs my attention because I personally understand the difficulty that one faces when coming to terms with sexuality. Thus, I want to be an advocate for any student who lacks support or feels confused regarding their own identity. Also, I will join Vandy PhotoSoc in order to grow as an artist, gain new inspiration, and express my emotions through portraiture photography. As a bisexual Latino photographer, these clubs captivate my interest because they target the core areas that make up my own identity.
During my journey at Vanderbilt, I will remain open minded to any positive outside influences that life is willing to bring to me. Although my college journey is by no means definite, Vanderbilt and its community of students and teachers will always be there to guide me towards my path of becoming an intellectually competent, loving, creative, and curious
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