Lgbtq Persuasive Speech

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People are different. People all around the world are different. Why do we as different people categorize others based on their skin color or their gender identity. We should all understand what it means to be different. We all have our rights so the LGBTQ community should also have their rights. They should have their freedom. LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning. This community is based of people who either feel they were born in the wrong body, they like the same sex or both sexes, or they feel like they have have both female and male personalities. People in the LGBTQ community or said to be weird or a disgrace just because they feel, and think differently. These people should be able to enjoy…show more content…
The children don't go through problems like marriage they go through bullying. Some people aren't accepted in school and that makes everything harder for them. Bullies make fun of them and call them freaks to the point where they believe it. A lot of these students commit suicide because it was all to much. Bullying hurts and nobody should have to endure being bullied. Regular kids get bullied because they might be over weight or they are different then everyone else, these kids receive help as long as they ask for it. Some gay students might not get help because their counselor is against gays and imagine how their lives are going to be with a president who doesn't really accept being different. The counter side of my argument is that the LGBTQ community shouldn't have their own rights. They might say that it would take to much money and time to invest in their happiness. They would have to change some laws or create some new ones. They would have to make some states change their minds on gay people. So yeah its going to take some time but it's for a good cause. They deserve happiness,everyone does even the person with the blackest of hearts. This is why my counter side is
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