Lgbtq Research Paper

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Around forty-six years ago closets door were swinging open, bringing pride with the people who no longer wanted to hide away. When a person has pride they are especially proud of a particular quality or skill, but in the 1960s to be part of the lgbtq* community wasn't particularly something many people in society wanted someone to have pride in. In the 1960s someone of the Lgbtq* community was seen as a illness and could be “cured”. New York prohibited Homosexual activity was disapproved. Many Homosexuals were imprisoned and affection was not to be seen in public this caused a lot of tension during this time but later tension was eased with a march of pride.

There was not many places Lgbtq* felt safe but the Stonewall located in Greenwich Village, New York was a safe place. Stonewall was a Lgbtq* tavern which like many clubs or taverns as such were raided by police. Peace rallies played a role around this time for various issues but enough was enough for people of the LGBTQ* at the Stonewall, especially when the police came to raid the Stonewall kicking many people out into the streets. A riot broke out due to the tension with the police. There was People in the crowd started shouting “Gay
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This symbol was created because activists wanted a design that represented community, so stripes of the eight colours of the rainbow was sawn together to create a flag! The flag is known as the Pride Flag created by Gilbert Baker, an openly gay and civil rights activist. The Pride Flag consisted of pink meaning sexuality, red meaning life, orange meaning healing, yellow meaning sunlight, green being nature, turquoise meaning magic or art, indigo meaning serenity or harmony, and violet meaning spirit. Pink and turquoise fabric were not in high demand at the time so therefore it was hard to continue to make the flag. The flag was confined to just six colours, taking away pink and indigo and turquoise came together to make dark
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